Backhanded Lovesong

Evil Double Single
Big Strong House

My life ain’t been easy baby,
Life in general has been a big mystery.
And now love don’t mean you love me,

You shake my hand and act like maybe,
Freedom’s gonna make you free.
But the truth be you just don’t love me,

I got no ties,
That can bind you,
And you don’t own me.
And when I lay here beside you,
I just feel so lonely.

I punch that clock,
Break them backbones,
Pray to God above to please,
Deliver me.
But there’s no answer,
You just don’t love me anymore.

These rules of yours,
To me are unknown,
There’s no winners or losers,
Just cold neutrality.
But I know I lost somethin’,
Just can’t remember what it is,

When the thunder rolled,
In December,
When I tasted your salvation.
We trembled with a love so tender.
Just distant vibrations.

I been a stonewall baby,
I crumbled badly,
Reduced to dust,
And now you’ve blown away what’s left
Of me.
You been breezy,
Blowin’ nightly at my door.

I wish you luck,
the best,
The biggest,
Wish to God you’d never been,
So good for me.
And I wish I didn’t love you,


“Backhanded Lovesong” appears on Evil Double Single and Big Strong House.

© and ℗ 1991, 1992 Marques Bovre