Anna’s Lullaby

“As always, this song was inspired by a late night vision/hallucination of angels waltzing. Now it has a chorus and ‘pop sensibilities.'”

-From the liner notes of Flyover Land

Don't Be Afraid
Flyover Land

I’m a dream having nightmares.
I’m a dream when the sunrise comes.
You’re a scream on the back stairs.
You’re a scream and my soul is an eardrum.
When I fade, you will rouse me.
When I fade, you will fall.

Feel the night full of fever?
Feel the night full of monsters,
Full of lullabies.
Kill the light, we believers
Kill the light with the lullabies
In our eyes.
I will rise on the ether.
You will rise, just to fall.
Fall on me.

Fall on me, fall on me.
Fall on me, fall on me.

Little boy comes to calling.
Little boy, in the blink of an eyelash,
Feel the joy in the falling.
Feel the joy, like the breeze
Through your curtain sash.
He will die, like an old man.
He will die, when you fall.

I’m a dream, will you have me?
I’m a dream—
Some obsession you’ll always have.
You’re a scream, you could save me.
You’re a scream
And I owe you the breath I save.
I will breathe, like and old man.
I will breathe, when you fall on me.
When you fall on me.

repeat chorus


“Anna’s Lullaby” appears on Don’t Be Afraid and Flyover Land.

Note: the original title of this song was “A Lullaby On The Occasion Of Anna’s Golden Birthday (With Narcotic Rhapsody).”

© and ℗ 1989, 1995, Marques Bovre