The Medicine Tribute

The Medicine Tribute is a 2012 CD release featuring Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins, Marques Bovre and SoDangYang, Honor Among Thieves, Josh Harty Band, Jentri Colello, The Gomers.

Medicine Tribute

The Gomers

  1. Drunk & Disgusting
  2. I Like Gyrls (Who Like Gyrls)

Jentri Colello (with Josh Harty)

  1. A Waitress’ Life

Josh Harty Band

  1. Broken Hearted Mind
  2. Angel of Mercy

Honor Among Thieves

  1. Sorry Song [edit]

Marques Bovre & SoDangYang

  1. Different Kind of Fool
  2. Washes Everything
  3. Perfect Nude
  4. Piñata
  5. Whole Wheat Woman

Marques Bovre & the Evil Twins

  1. King James
  2. Virgin Shades
  3. Medicine
  4. Big Strong House
  5. If There Be Mercy
  6. Lonesome County

The Gomers
Biff Blumfumgagnge: Fiddle, Vocals
Dave Adler: Keys
Geoff Brady: Drums
Steve Burke: Guitar
Andy Wallman: Vocals, Percussion
Gordon Ranney: Bass
Jentri Colello: Guitar, Vocals
Josh Harty Band
Josh Harty: Guitar, Vocals
Rusty Lee: Keyboards
Chris Sasman: Drums
Louka Patenaude: Bass
Honor Among Theives
Andy Ewen: Guitar, Vocals
Doug DeRosa: Bass, Vocals
Randal Harrison: Fiddle
Joey B. Banks: Drums
Marques Bovre: Vocals
Maggie Weiser: Guitar, Background Vocals
Ken Stevenson: Bass, Background Vocals
Pete Kaesberg: Drums, Percussion
Ethan Noordyk: Drums, Percussion
Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins
Marques Bovre: Vocals
Eric Dummer: Drums
Linus: Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Doug Meihsner: Bass, Background Vocals

Production Notes:
Recorded live at the High Noon Saloon on Sunday December 11, 2011. Promotion by Tag Evers. Concert organized by Maggie Weiser and Linus. House mix by Aubrey Ralph. MC: Pat Gallagher. Recording engineered by Tom Blain. Mixed and Mastered by Tom Blain at Ultimate Audio. Released on compact disc on 6/17/2012.

All songs © and ℗ 2012 Marques Bovre

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