Nashville Dandelion

Nashville Dandelion is a 2012 CD release by Marques Bovre.

Nashville Dandelion

  1. Welcome to This Version of My Life
  2. Somebody Loves You
  3. Dandelion
  4. Mystery
  5. Jesus Was a Stone Cold Killer
  6. Entertaining Thoughts
  7. I’m Sorry (That in the Body of Christ I’ve Been the Asshole)
  8. Let It Drain
  9. Blaze
  10. Sisyphus Stone
  11. Cloudy Day
  12. Love

Marques Bovre: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Maggie Weiser: Vocals on Blaze, Dandelion, Love, Mystery, and Somebody Loves You
Billy Contreras: Violin, Steel Guitar, Organ on Jesus Was a Stone Cold Killer
John Frazier: Mandolin
Kevin Knapp: Fretless Electric Bass, Organ, Vocals on Somebody Loves You
Daryl Johnson: Drums
Amanda Contreras: Vocals on Somebody Loves You

All songs written by Marques Bovre ©2012 (GOD)

Produced and Arranged by Kevin Knapp

Recorded at OGM Studio in Nashville, TN by Charlie Chadwick
Additional recordings at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN by Jason Blackburn and Ultimate Audio in Madison, WI by Thomas Blain

Mixed by Andrija Tokic, Jason Blackburn, and Kevin Knapp

Mastered by Andrija Tokic

Art and layout by Karl Knapp

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