Living and Dying in the Coffee Generation

Living and Dying in the Coffee Generation is the 1988 cassette debut of Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins.

1987 Coffee Generation

  1. Jennifer
  2. Sorry Song
  3. Mercenary of Love
  4. Broken Hearted Mind
  5. Sam’s Mississippi Song
  6. The Twain
  7. Midnight Sunshine
  8. King James
  9. Politics Kill
  10. Dawn of the Dead (In Dolby)
  11. Sugar River
  12. Harmonic Con

Marques Bovre: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Eric Johnson: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Violin, Piano
Jim Jones: Drums, Percussion
Doug Meihsner: Electric and Acoustic Bass

Production Notes:
The first album by MBET was essentially a demo: produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dan Bushner one weekend in a studio at UW-Oshkosh (henceforth referred to as “Hell Studios”) and released in July of 1988. Unhappy with the results, the band let the album go out of print in 1990. The multi-track master tapes, never in the band’s possession, were either lost or recorded over. The 1/4″ master reels of the final mixes (as they were released by the band on cassette in the summer of 1988) survived. These master tapes were baked, transferred to digital and remastered by Tom Blain at Ultimate Audio during April/May 2013. Original and revised edition artwork and graphic design by Mike Laier.

All songs © and ℗ 1988 by Marques Bovre

Unfortunately, this record is out of print