Faith is a Muscle

Faith is a Muscle is a 1998 CD release by Marques Bovre.

Faith is a Muscle

  1. Somebody Loves You
  2. Real World
  3. Switches
  4. Ground That I Own
  5. Welcome
  6. Conversations with God
  7. Beautiful Smile
  8. Hole
  9. Simple Prayer
  10. Waitress’ Life
  11. My Dog Loves Me

Marques Bovre: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Frank Anderson: Accordion, Pedal Steel Guitar
Chris Bannon: Violin
Eric Dummer: Drums
Bradley Fish: Mountain Dulcimer, Chinese Zither
Tina Gassen: Background Vocals
Linus: Ambient Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro, Background Vocals, Mandolin, Percussion
Doug Meihsner: Acoustic and Electric Bass, Mandolin, Percussion, Zither, Theremin
CJ Summerfield: Hammond M3, Piano, Electric Guitar

Production Notes
Recorded in the Meat Locker from November 1997 through the first half of 1998. Hammond M3 and piano on “Switches” recorded at Randy’s Recording Studio. Piano on “My Dog Loves Me” recorded at Studio One, Vilas Hall, UW-Madison. Produced by Marques Bovre and Mr. Douglas. Engineered by Mr. Douglas and Linus. Mixed by Mr. Douglas. Mastered by Tom Blain at Ultimate Audio. Photography and graphic design by YahOk. Released on compact disc on 8/10/1998 (Can Do Records 014).

All songs © and ℗ 1998 Marques Bovre

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