Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid is a 1989 cassette release by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. Re-mastered and re-released on CD in 2012.

Don't Be Afraid


  1. Einstein’s Mustache
  2. I Mow the Lawns
  3. The Real World
  4. Prelude to Beatrice/Hole in the Sky
  5. Dry Bones
  6. Blood and Water
  7. Bert Parks’ Blues
  8. Show Some Mercy
  9. A Waitress’ Life
  10. Four Letter Word
  11. Anna’s Lullaby
  12. Don’t Be Afraid

Marques Bovre: Vocals, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Doug Meihsner*: Bass
Jim Jones*: Drums
Brian “Linus” Bauhs*: Lead Electric Guitar on “Hole in the Sky” (ending), “Dry Bones”, “Bert Parks’ Blues”, “Don’t Be          Afraid”; 12 String Guitar, Mandolin

Eric Johnson**: Lead Electric Guitar on “Einstein’s Mustache”, “I Mow the Lawns”, “Hole in the Sky”; Rhythm Guitar on          “Bert Parks’ Blues”, “Show Some Mercy”; Violin on “Blood and Water”

Beth Hanson***: Keyboards (including The Ghostly Strains of Vanessa Williams’ French Horn — used in the talent          competition at the Miss America pageant — on Bert Parks’ Blues)

Terry Ward***: Lead Electric Guitar on “Show Some Mercy”

Teresa Steffen****: Violin on “Anna’s Lullaby”

Michael Briggs****: Accordion on “A Waitress’ Life”

* Evil Twin
** Former Evil Twin – So long and thanks for all the fish, Eric
*** Recreational Evil Twin
**** Honorary Evil Twin

Production Notes:
Nurtured, recorded and mixed by Doug Meihsner, Marques Bovre and Jim Jones at the Meat Locker (rehearsal studio) during the period of August 1988 through February 1989 and released in March of 1989. Original cassette graphics by Michael Laier. CD layout by Brad Van at Sooper Dooper. Remastered from the original master reels by Tom Blain at Ultimate Audio in late 2011 and early 2012.

All songs © and ℗ 1989, 2012 by Marques Bovre

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